Questions you should ask before hiring a DJ


Q. Is a contract being utilized?

A. Yes, a contract and planner are used for every event


Q. Will the DJ use professional equipment?

A. clients can view equipment on initial consultation


Q. Does the DJ have back-up equipment?

A. Back ups are on hand for every piece of equipment brought to an event


Q. Does the DJ carry insurance?

A. DJ King is fully insured

Q. Does the DJ have wireless microphones?
A. 4 wireless microphones are brought to every event

Q. How long has the DJ been in business?
A. DJ King Productions has 18 years experience

Q. Will the DJ have an assistant?
A. An assistant is utilized on every event unless told otherwise by the client


Q. Is set up and tear down included for the price quoted?
A. Yes it is included in all of my events